What The City Says


What The City Says

What would our city look like with a Universal Basic Income?
We asked the people of Sheffield.


UBI & Us
The People of Sheffield
“Everyone likes free money […] I’m a bit sceptical about it though.”


UBI & The Welfare State
Prof. Andrew Gamble, University of Sheffield
UBI is a way of rekindling […] faith in democratic citizenship.”


UBI & Women
Jane Watkinson,
AFC Unity
“It would help […] in domestic violence situations.”


UBI & Caring
Chris Taylor,
“It would be less taxing […] for me as a carer.”


UBI & Disability
Andrew Crooks, Disability Sheffield
“We have to think about [..] rewarding the contribution disabled people make.”


UBI & Education
Jon Maiden, Panjango
“Basic income has the potential to change the world by changing the nature of work.”


UBI & Citizenship
Dr Simon Duffy, Centre For Welfare Reform
“This is a political question.”


UBI & Volunteering
Joyce Bullivant, Timewalk Project
“We’d have a more diverse volunteering group.”


UBI & Art
Sampa Mulenga, Artist
“Artists […] really do rejuvenate societies.”

UBI Lab Sheffield is always looking for more people to get involved in exploring the potential of a Universal Basic Income and the possibility of a pilot in Sheffield.

Visit the UBI Lab Sheffield website and click ‘Resources’ for articles, videos and more, as well as our working paper about a UBI pilot in Sheffield. Get in touch if you want to be part of our working group or just want to chat more about UBI.

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